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5 Famous Female Models Who Have Vitiligo


There are many Celebrities with Vitiligo, yet these 5 female models look beautiful even with their skin conditions. Vitiligo is a condition that affects the pigments of an individual’s skin. The cause of vitiligo is unknown and stress can worsen the disorder. Vitiligo can be treated by applying steroids and using ultraviolet light. In extreme cases, an individual may opt to de-pigment their unaffected skin so that it blends in with the patches affected by vitiligo.

They’ve been ridiculed and subjected to frustrating questions, but along the way have become proud ambassadors for their condition.


These five female celebs have vitiligo, which results in white patches on the skin. Here’s how it has affected them, and how they found the courage to speak up about it.


Leleti Khumalo


The Sarafina star, Leleti Khumalo, is one of the South African celebrities with vitiligo.
Leleti Khumalo, who has now fully embraced her condition, developed vitiligo at a young age, although she concealed her white patches with makeup for a long time.


Speaking to The Drum in a past interview, the veteran actress revealed that she had to hide her condition given that the acting industry is all about looks, and conditions such as vitiligo are not often accommodated.
However, she finally accepted her skin and is currently one of the most vocal educators and activists who are working to create awareness about vitiligo in South Africa.

In 2018, Leleti Khumalo was the main cast in the popular eTV series Imbewu: The Seed. This is the first screen appearance in that Leleti is showing off her real skin.

Winnie Harlow

winnie harlow

A model who has proved that vitiligo is no barrier to success in the fashion business by competing on the top-rated modeling show America’s Next Top Model. She has walked runways across the world, won a contract with Spanish clothing brand Desigual and featured in magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.


Harlow found fame after being a finalist on America’s Next Top Model in 2014. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, the model said that although she is proud to have vitiligo, she didn’t want it to define her. She said she can’t be private about her skin because it’s on show, but she wanted people to know she is more than that.


Shahad Salman

shahad salman

Saudi fashion model, Shahad Salman, also has vitiligo and celebrates her differences. She has said before that representation in the fashion industry is important, and that the success of Harlow’s career enabled her to believe she could also achieve her dream of becoming a model.

Karen Wazen

karen wazen

Dubai-based Lebanese influencer, Karen Wazen, opened up about her journey with vitiligo on her Instagram page in 2021 after being diagnosed with the condition three years prior. Her story was shared by millions and people poured out their love and appreciation for her willingness to be candid and vulnerable on her platform. Today Wazen champions her skin and finds it “beautiful” and “fascinating.”


Kgothatso Iman Dithebe


This model and pageant queen is among the few South African celebrities with vitiligo who are proud of their skin.
Kgothatso, who is sometimes referred to as a model with a mark, was consistently bullied as a child for the prominent mark on her face and hair. Little did the bullies know that her mark would be her money-maker.

In 2019 and 2021, Kgothatso participated in the Miss SA competition and made it to the top five finalists. Her reason for participating was to inspire women everywhere to believe in themselves.
As the first-ever South African model with vitiligo, Kgothatso is doing a great job of creating awareness about vitiligo, and we couldn’t be prouder of her.


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