Branch Security Officer 

Branch Security Officer 

Branch Security Officer 


Location: Cape Town

Job Type: Full-Time and Permanent


Reference: G4S/TP/7780543/223484


Employer: G4s Cash Solutions 


Close Date: 12 June 2023

Job Introduction:

G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, has an excellent opportunity for a Branch Security Officer in Cape Town.

The Branch Security Officer would be assisting the Branch Manager by maintaining effective branch security and ensuring that standard security operating procedures are adhered to by all relevant staff.


The successful incumbent is a self-starter with a proven track record in maintaining company policy, adopting best practices, and is able to exercise sound judgement in the pursuit of the achievement of the goals of the organization and understanding the role which Security plays within a successful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to be results driven and to live the values of the organization.


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The Ideal Candidate

Minimum Requirement:

  • Grade 12
  • Drivers License
  • PDP License
  • PSIRA Grade B and CIT


  • Knowledge of G4S standard operating procedures
  • South African security legislation
  • G4S Operational Security  Policy and Procedures
  • G4S HR Policy and Procedures


  • Computer literate – the ability to work on Excel, MS Outlook, Word
  • Communication (written and verbal)
  • Strong risk management and investigations skills
  • Report writing skills


  • Awareness of the market
  • Delivering strategy
  • Driving change
  • Leading People
  • Delivering Performance
  • Working with Complexity
  • Managing Professionally
  • Customer thinking
  • Collaborating and Co-operating

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To assist the Branch Manager by maintaining effective branch security and ensuring that standard security operating procedures are adhered to by all relevant staff

Responsible and accountable for effective Branch Security:

  • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the customer’s area
  • Conduct regular branch evaluations minimum requirement of once a month
  • Conduct regular checks of all security equipment (record in relevant register – daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Daily testing of all alarm systems.  Conduct full checks once a week on alarm systems to ensure that they are in good working condition in conjunction with National Control Centre and alarm monitoring company.
  • Complete the necessary fault report once received the full report from National Control Centre
  • Control key holder responsibilities at all times with Tactical Support Officer
  • Control effective and efficient Access Control procedures and Property Protection
  • Manage the safety procedures of the payouts.
  • Conduct site surveys on the premises of new customers, large payroll customers and customers with large cash movements to ascertain the safety of delivery and pick-up points and make an assessment of the premises.
  • Obtain information on necessary documentation from customers as a result of an incident or cash loss.
  • Report after an investigation into all-cash losses and where and where cash losses are less than R1000, submit all relevant details (CCTV Footage and relevant paperwork) to the Group Security Department within 24hrs.
  • Assist in any investigation within a branch that  may deem to be necessary from time to time ie departmental or criminal in nature
  • Control the scene and take immediate action for robberies.  Do not communicate any information to the media.
  • Investigate all E-Viper overrides done by TSOs

Reports and Registers:

  • Conduct branch evaluation security reports on a monthly basis for Branch Management information
  • Compile in conjunction with Branch Manager a priority list for all approved security recommendations
  • Manage firearms register to ensure that the firearm register is up to date for recording all movements on firearms
  • Control  stock on a register for ammunition register
  • Control equipment Register
  • Control ID card register
  • Control Visitors’ card register
  • Manage the recording of cash recovered from theft or robbery
  • Manage the reports from vehicle technology in respect of vehicle security checks
  • Manage the planning and forecasting of 3-month road checks
  • Manage all stained note administration
  • Manage all client and branch spare key

Implement and evaluate security operating procedures:

  • Monitor alarm reaction instructions and ensure that they are current. Communicate to Tactical Support Officers to ensure that they are in place and understood
  • Ensure that the contact number and address for the standby officer are placed in the control room
  • Implement and initiate alarm reaction procedures
  • Manage the Procedure of incident reporting in the  Motor Vehicle accidents procedure

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Control and maintenance of equipment:

  • Ensure the fire-fighting equipment is in place at the branch and that this equipment is maintained and serviced to acceptable standards (at least once a year)
  • Control daily checks of Bulk vehicles used for banking and ensure that the daily limits of the vehicle are not exceeded.
  • Ensure that all security equipment is serviceable at all times.

Management and Supervision of staff:

  • Ensure that all staff are trained on standard operating procedures and policies relevant to their role (specific to security equipment and procedures)
  • Supervise T.S.O.s and ensure that all job functions are correctly carried out, report back on findings
  • Supervise the overall security of road operations and adherence to all standing orders in respect of operational systems, box drills and defensive procedures (Vehicle loading, Vehicle movement, Operational drills, Banking hall and 3rd men operations, Radio procedures, Emergency procedures)
  • Plan effective utilization of armed escorts in conjunction with Branch Manager(When required)
  • Assume necessary responsibilities as branch manager in the absence of branch management in line with previous capabilities.

Health and Safety:

  • Participate in the design/ development/ review/ implementation and monitoring of the departmental safety plans for each year.
  • Participate in safety forums created by the company for example safety meetings and safety talks
  • Report all safety incidents to the relevant people
  • Discuss all safety incidents
  • Follow-up on any activities assigned through safety meetings/committees/representatives/management
  • Attend safety education and refresher programmes
  • Comply with safety policies and procedures at the workplace
  • Distribute safety information as and when required
  • Wear protective clothing all the time.


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